1400 Wheel Balancer

    Top Features for the 1400

    Powered by Direct Drive

    Powered by Direct Drive

    Motor and spindle are combined into a single, pre-balanced assembly that always stays calibrated to zero.

    Laser Guided Operation® System

    Pinpoints the exact weight location, both radially and axially and eliminates trial and error.



    Simultaneously displays both static and dynamic unbalance data.

    Coats 1400 Wheel Balancer

    Legendary reliability with state of the art capability.

    Legendary reliability with state of the art capability.

    2D Automatic Data Entry

    Offers automatic data entry of the distance and diameter. This eliminates the chance of technician error and speeds up the balancing process.


    Behind-the-Spoke mode allows you to hide the Tape-A-Weight behind the spokes of a decorative wheel quickly and easily. This keeps the weights hidden from view. Now balancing more complex wheel designs, the Coats® 1400 is faster and easier than ever before, plus you maintain a clean look on custom wheels for maximum customer satisfaction.

    Side Shadow Board

    The side shadow board with basic accessory kit comes standard on the 1400 balancer.

    Rim Diameter
    Rim Width
    Tire Diameter
    Shaft Diameter
    57"w x 55"d x 75"h
    Shipping Weight
    616 lbs.
    Part Number