HIT 5000 Heavy Duty Tire Changer

    Top Features for the HIT 5000 Heavy Duty Tire Changer

    Easy-to-Use Swing Arm

    Swing-arm houses all hydraulic controls with a dedicated lever for each powered function.

    Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered Roller Bearings

    Heavy, tapered roller bearings and a dual-direction hydraulic motor provide smooth torque.

    Self-Centering Hydraulic Clamping Chuck

    Assists technician with centering the tire assembly.

    HIT6000 Heavy Duty Tire Changer

    Delivering Value, Versatility and Rugged Reliability.

    The right equipment for heavy duty work. Coats HIT Series Heavy Duty tire changers are designed to be fast and efficient. Every aspect of the assembly is taken into account to ensure the fastest floor-to-floor times.

    There are no additional features for this product.

    Rim Diameter
    15"-38" External
    Rim Width
    Tire Diameter
    Drive System
    96"w x 108"d
    Shipping Weight
    1400 lbs.
    Part Number