90X Rim Clamp® Tire Changer

    Top Features for the 90X Rim Clamp® Tire Changer

    Two-Speed Electric Motor

    The two-speed electric motor provides total control with the option to maximize shop efficiency based on application difficulty.

    Leverless Duckhead® Mount/Demount Tool

    This feature acts as a traditional helper device and eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface due to application difficulty.

    RoboRoller™ Powered Assist

    The RoboRoller™ provides additional power when mounting difficult tire assemblies by preventing the bead from rolling back over the mount tool.

    Built with all of the features that the industry leading X-Series platform has to offer, the 90X handles any job easily.

    The Coats® Rim Clamp® tire changer has become the industry standard due to its legacy of durability, reliability, and upgradability. The X-Series® is an upgraded version of the Coats® Rim Clamp® changer you’ve always known and trusted with new features to make it the best platform in the business, operating with the speed you expect from a swing arm tire changer.

    Hand-Actuated Bead Loosener

    The bead loosener offers point of use controls to the technician, providing direct line of site, reducing the risk of wheel damage.

    Single Point Bead Sealer

    This feature concentrates air flow to seal the beads more efficiently and eliminates excessive maintenance.

    Helper Devices

    The X-Series® chassis tower is equipped for various helper devices to assist in mounting/demounting tire assemblies. The Robo-Arm® is an articulating assist arm that provides direct pressure to create a bead lock. The RoboRoller™ keeps the bead in the drop center and prevents the bead from rolling back over the mount tool.

    Rim Diameter
    6”-28” External
    Rim Width
    Tire Diameter
    Drive System
    Air or Electric
    49"w x 48"d x 85"h
    Shipping Weight
    700 lbs.
    Part Number
    80090XAHL, 80090XEHL