90X Rim Clamp® Tire Changer

    Top Features for the 90X Rim Clamp® Tire Changer

    2-Speed 110 V Electric Motor

    The two-speed electric motor provides total control with the option to maximize shop efficiency based on application difficulty.

    Leverless Duckhead® Mount/Demount Tool

    This feature acts as a traditional helper device and eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface due to application difficulty.

    RoboRoller™ Powered Assist

    The RoboRoller™ provides additional power when mounting difficult tire assemblies by preventing the bead from rolling back over the mount tool.

    Built with all of the features that the industry leading X-Series platform has to offer, the 90X handles any job easily.

    The Coats® Rim Clamp® tire changer has become the industry standard due to its legacy of durability, reliability, and upgradability. The X-Series® is an upgraded version of the Coats® Rim Clamp® changer you’ve always known and trusted with new features to make it the best platform in the business, operating with the speed you expect from a swing arm tire changer.

    Single Point Bead Sealer

    This feature concentrates air flow to seal the beads more efficiently and eliminates excessive maintenance.

    Grip-Max® Plus Clamps

    Offers twice the slip resistance than the traditional clamps and built in rim protectiors eliminate metal on metal contact.

    Hand-actuated Bead Loosener

    Technician has point of use controls, increasing productivity and reducing risk of wheel damage.

    Rim Diameter
    6”-28” External
    Rim Width
    Tire Diameter
    Drive System
    Air or Electric
    49"w x 48"d x 85"h
    Shipping Weight
    700 lbs.
    Part Number
    80090XAHL, 80090XEHL