GTS-60 Tilt-back Tire Changer

    Top Features for the GTS-60 Tilt-back Tire Changer

    Two-Speed Electric Motor

    The two-speed electric motor provides total control with the option to maximize shop efficiency based on application difficulty.

    Powered Roller Disk

    Powered Roller Disk

    This feature provides bead loosening assistance, TPMS access, bottom bead removal and top bead mounting assistance.

    Rim Protection Tower

    Spring loaded mechanical design reduces wheel damage and stays locked in place.

    Coats® Reliability and Durability
    Meets Tilt-back.

    The GTS-60 Tilt-back represents innovative design built with the legendary reliability and durability of the Coats® brand. These tire machines are capable of servicing tires from 6 to 24" in diameter and are built to last. Enjoy all the power you need in one universal machine.

    Hand-Actuated Bead Loosener

    The bead loosener offers point of use controls to the technician, providing direct line of site, reducing the risk of wheel damage.

    Single Point Bead Sealer

    This feature concentrates air flow to seal the beads more efficiently and eliminates excessive maintenance.

    Rim Diameter
    6"–24" external
    Rim Width
    Tire Diameter
    Drive System
    1HP Electric Motor, 110v, 60hz, 25amp
    60"w x 68"d x 78"h
    Shipping Weight
    900 lbs.
    Part Number