R.I.M. Program

    RIM Program

    Three Simple Steps To Help Keep Shops Safe

    R.I.M.™ is a training program developed by Hennessy Industries to help keep tire technicians safe. By following the basic principles of R.I.M.™, technicians can avoid situations that can cause catastrophic accidents like tire explosions.

    R.I.M.™ stands for:

    RIM Program Package

    • Read the size on a new tire before mounting to make sure it is the proper size for the wheel.
    • Inspect the wheel for cracks, rust, and or other damage that could cause an unsafe situation.
    • Mount the tire safely, making sure not to put any part of your body over the tire during inflation.

    The most serious of possible accidents is a tire explosion. This is often caused by a tire/rim mismatch.

    If a tire explodes on a tire changer, pressure causes it to fly straight up at tremendous speed. If a technician is standing over the tire, he can be seriously injured or killed.

    Hennessy's R.I.M.™ program allows the technician to avoid situations that can cause tire explosions and other accidents. The full program, including training videos, brochures, posters, and other materials, is available from COATS® distributors nationwide.

    R.I.M. Training Brochure

    R.I.M. Training Poster

    R.I.M. Training Video

    For more details, contact your COATS® distributor.

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