Inspection Lane

    Top Features for the Inspection Lane

    Alignment Check

    Alignment Check

    Dynamically measure the wheel alignment to show which cars are candidates for a quick measure and which need an alignment

    Tread Depth Scanner

    Tread Depth Scanner

    Know the condition of a customers' tires as they drive into the shop to help build trust and capture work now and down the road. View Tread Depth

    Vehicle Damage Detector

    Vehicle Damage Detector

    Capture the state of the vehicle’s exterior for body repair estimates and to protect your shop from fraudulent damage claims.


    The Coats® Inspection Lane System uses cutting-edge technology to provide dealerships with an automatic inspection process as a vehicle enters the service lane. The system instantly checks alignment and tread depth and creates a detailed easy-to-read report to help your customers make an informed service decision. Your proactive approach to their vehicle care will build loyalty and greater customer satisfaction.

    Track Performance

    Reporting dashboard organizes Inspection Lane Check data by lane activity and service trends, allowing managers and service writers to understand their performance and selling trends

    Build Customer Trust

    Easy-to-read color printout or digital display is a visual selling tool that also builds loyalty and greater customer satisfaction by helping customers make an informed service decision

    Integrated License Plate Camera

    Quickly and autonomously identify a vehicles year make and model to instantly apply alignment specifications to measurements.

    Wireless: IEEE 802.11 b/g Compatible. --- Wired: 10/1000 Base-T
    Operating Ambient Luminance
    5000 lux
    Operating Current
    850mA Peak
    Operating Humidity
    35% to 85% non-condensing
    Operating Temperature
    32-122F (0-50C)
    Power Supply
    (IEE 802.3 at) PoE+ Class 4
    Power Consumption
    Nominal 13w
    Part Number
    Shipping Weight
    110 lbs.
    10-55Hz 1.5mm Double Vibrations – All Directions