Coats ProRide Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

    Model #
    Part #
    85001775, 85001875
    Superior ride management with easy–to–use operation to deliver increased productivity and a better quality balance.

    The Coats® ProRide® Diagnostic Wheel Balancer makes diagnostics easy, one spin at a time.

    The ProRide® Series from Coats® combines superior ride management with easy-to-use operation to deliver increased productivity and a higher quality balance. After all, it's a Coats®, the world leader in wheel service technology for more than 65 years.

    Touchless Radial Runout Diagnostics

    Accurate runout measurements help quickly identify troublesome tires and wheels. Fast enough cycle time to use on every assembly.

    Weight Location Recognition

    Simply pull the distance arm to the desired weight locations to select weight mode.

    Positioning Pedal

    Keeps assembly in place when applying weights.

    Reduced Footprint

    Smaller footprint than competitive models allows for better bay space utilization.


    Track the number of daily and total spins, as well as the number of each weight value and type (clip or Tape-A-Weight).

    Accurate Tape-A-Weight Application Options

    Apply weights using the arm, which locks when it is in the correct plane. Or use the Laser Guided Operation feature, which pinpoints application location in the 5-o'clock position.

    Multiple Operator Feature

    Allows for up to four operators to save their individual preferences.

    Static On Screen Display

    Simultaneous display of static and dynamic data identifies any excess residual static imbalance.

    Key Features 

    • Standard threaded shaft for traditional mounting.
    • Includes slide nut for quicker mounting.
    Rim Diameter 10’’ - 30’
    Rim Width 2” - 19”
    Tire Diameter 42"
    Shaft Diameter 19"
    Footprint No
    Shipping Weight 275 lbs.
    Part Number 85001775, 85001875